Oil and Chemical Spill Response Equipment

Oil and Chemical Spill Response Equipment

At Would Ya!® Enterprises, we specialise in providing a selection of oil and chemical spill response equipment to keep you and your employees safe in an emergency. Chat with our team to find out more. 

Our expertise

Our expertise covers the sale, service and training of: 
  • Spill kits
  • Absorbents
  • Accessories
  • Containment
  • Storage and safety
  • Stormwater and slit control

Spill kit service program

Your time is valuable, so why not let us take care of servicing your spill response kits? Our spill kit service program was designed to provide comprehensive supply, auditing and management of spill kits across your entire site. The objective of this program is to ensure your duty of care is maintained and to promote compliance with environmental legislation.

With regular servicing of your spill kits, we reduce your environmental risk from any liquid spill incident by keeping your resources maintained. We also include a report of the usage for each kit or spill inventory across your entire site assisting you to monitor the usage and implement strategies to minimise excessive use over time.

The benefits to you

  • Fulfilling your environmental duty of care without costing valuable time
  • Kits are restocked without delay ensuring full protection for your business
  • You pay no freight cost on the restock items reducing your absorbent costs
  • The serviceability and appearance of the kits is maintained at optimum levels
  • Full backup is available from our professionally qualified staff
  • Complete records of spill kit condition are provided for you

Program inclusions

  • Programmed spill kit inspection on site
  • On the spot restock of kits which have been used (absorbent costs are additional)
  • Reporting on individual kit usage
  • All spill kits are fitted with a maintenance tag stamped to record the date of each visit
  • Sound advice from trained staff on any issues with spill control or absorbents
  • Regular cleaning of spill kits
  • 24 hour emergency restock available


Learn how deal with environmental aspects you may face on your site. Absorb Environmental Solutions have provided environmental training to Australian industry since 1996.

We have developed a range of nationally recognised environmental management training and also offer various non-accredited specialised courses. Absorb Environmental Solutions works in partnership with Absorb Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #110032) to bring these courses to the market.

Absorb recognise the value of having knowledgeable and qualified trainers, who enhance your learning experience, and with over 100 years of combined expertise and practical skills in the field we are able to answer the questions you haven’t even thought of yet.

Environmental Compliance

Ensure your site is environmentally compliant and improve environmental performance and policies with the correct environmental management expertise, practical skills and state relevant legislative knowledge.

Diploma of Environmental Management

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Even the best managed sites can have an unexpected spill emergency. Make sure your staff are trained to deal with spills before they get out of hand. Regular spill response training ensures that your staff know both how and why to deal with spills.

Absorb spill response team training

Absorb Plus – Environmental Awareness and Spill Kit Induction with Practical
Absorb have the capabilities to create and contextualise environmental training courses from the basics through to advanced levels. Please enquire to find out more.

Learn more about training, sales and services - call 0417 993 069.

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