Emergency Shower and Eyewash Stations

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Stations

At Would Ya!® Enterprises, we’re passionate about keeping people safe at work. We specialise in providing emergency shower and eyewash stations for use in emergencies. 


Will your emergency showers and eyewash station work effectively in the event of an emergency? Often these units are either installed incorrectly or poorly maintained. Our emergency shower and eyewash inspection service tests the performance of your units against the requirements of Australian Standards.

How it works

Our trained environmental technicians conduct an inspection on each of your emergency shower and eyewash units, identifying any non-conformances with Australian Standard AS 4775-2007 using our 38-point checklist. Where required and if possible, all non-conformances will be rectified and replacement parts and signage fitted. Each unit is cleaned and an inspection tag fitted that is stamped to record the date of inspection.

We provide a written report documenting the result of the inspection. The report uses a colour coded system to identify areas that are Verified (green), Rectified (blue) and Non-compliant – action required (red).

Each report includes before and after photos of the unit in operation, results of measurements and flow rate tests, and if applicable the actions that are required to achieve compliance.

Any significant issues will be brought to the attention of the site contact before leaving site.

Our staff send the report and review the required actions with the designated site representative.

Find out more about our emergency shower and eyewash station services. 
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